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Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, mattness according to Chanel



Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, mattness according to Chanel
Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, mattness according to Chanel

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, the new liquid lipstick with a matte finish from Chanel

Lipstick is one of the best-selling products on the planet. It is absolutely everywhere and women are snapping it up! Over time, he has continued to improve and transform himself. For a few years now, a whole new format of lipstick has appeared. Facing the traditional tube of rigid lipstick, it comes in a liquid format. The latest Chanel novelty is presented precisely like this. Focus on Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder.

Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, a mat and blurred makeup

Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is a new liquid lipstick with a lively texture combining innovation and sensoriality. Unlike most liquid lipsticks, it offers a matte and powdery texture. Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is available in six different colors, each of which has unparalleled blurring on the palate. Its foam applicator deposits a thin film of makeup on the lips for an irreproachable second skin effect. The result is impeccable, even without a mirror. Very fine, pure and very concentrated pigments are integrated into its formula for a particularly intense result. Its texture is fine and soft, which is sure to seduce you.

The protective formula of Rouge Allure Liquid Powder

At the same time, be aware that Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder also takes care of your smile as you apply it. For this, it brings together several softening oils. These give you a velvety texture that melts on the mouth. Likewise, protective agents protect your skin from tightness and make it more comfortable with application. Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is softening and immediately provides absolute comfort.

Why choose a liquid lipstick?

If the liquid lipsticks are multiplying on the market, it is quite simply because they contain a good number of advantages. First of all, they tend to have a better hold than regular lipsticks. With them, you can totally drink a bottle of water, go to work all day, have dinner, and come home with a smile that is almost as bright as in the morning. They are also easier to apply and have particularly intense colors. With them, your smile becomes simply hypnotic! Finally, they ensure a perfectly mat finish and dry lips without any transfer.

Some application tips

Applying your Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is child’s play! You just need to squeeze its flexible case to diffuse the right amount of product on its foam applicator. Then drop material in the center of your mouth and stretch it to the outer corners of your smile. Immediately, your face is illuminated with an impeccable make-up resplendent with radiance!

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