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Reminiscence patchouli, in a unique perfume box



Patchouli de Réminiscence, a new hippie emblem in a unique perfume boxPatchouli de Réminiscence, a new hippie emblem in a unique perfume box
Patchouli de Réminiscence, a new hippie emblem in a unique perfume box

Reminiscence patchouli, the hippie emblem in a box

Patchouli is everything at the same time: it is an emblematic fragrance of the Réminiscence brand. It is also a raw material and an absolute symbol of the hippie generation of the 70s. It is to this day one of the greatest successes of Reminiscence and leaves no one indifferent. Many people see it as a part of nostalgia. Reminiscent Patchouli is the symbol of a planetary current. Her one breath would be almost enough to plunge us into the heart of the Woodstock Festival. Reminiscence is also a call to travel which is delivered this time in an original box.

The syrupy breath of Patchouli

Patchouli de Réminiscence gives us an initiatory scent . It begins with a very woody sensation, emanating of course from the patchouli. Yes, but not only… This star plant in perfumery is accompanied by other essential oils of wood such as cedar, vetiver or sandalwood. Labdanum from Spain, meanwhile, brings a more amber facet to this fragrance. Madagascan vanilla reinforces its gluttony and its sweet side. The tolu balm makes it a more balsamic scent. Finally, Patchouli ends with a more musky flavor of white musk.

The Réminiscence perfumed box

More than ever, the Patchouli box seems to have been designed to be offered as a gift. As proof, it contains a multitude of pretty packages drawn on its front face. These gifts are highlighted on an orange background reminiscent of the color of the Patchouli fragrance. The Reminiscence box contains two products from the range . It contains the spray of this perfume in a capacity of 100 ml, accompanied by the Patchouli body milk.

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