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Rem de Réminiscence, the smell of idleness



Rem de Réminiscence, the smell of idleness
Rem de Réminiscence, the smell of idleness

Rem is a bit like a summer concentrate in a perfume. In this case, it is the bestseller of the Réminiscence brand . This one is clearly inspired by the cheerfulness and the exoticism of the islands… After all, what could be more logical for a perfume which takes its name from the anagram of the sea?

Rem, a souvenir perfume

Rem is a fragrance directly derived from the memories of Nino Amaddeo and Zoé Coste, the founders of the Réminiscence brand. In this case, the couple have always been passionate about the sea. What is more, they were clearly immersed in the hippie trend of the late 60s. Also, this is all that is hidden in the perfume Rem. To be more precise, this fragrance was born during a stay in Saint-Barthélemy. When he arrived on the island, the creator realized that he had not taken sun protection. He then immediately went to a local bazaar to buy a solar amber there. There, it was a real olfactory love at first sight. Also, in order to prevent the nostalgia of returning from vacation to set in, the couple decided to recreate the smell of vacation. Rem was born!

The scent of Reminiscence holidays

In order to best translate the idea of ​​this protective amber, the Rem perfume had to have a fairly simple olfactory composition. Also, it is the perfumer Francis Camail who was in charge of its development. This one worked around fairly fresh notes, mixing floral, anise and marine tones. Nevertheless, he did not hesitate to mix genres by adding amber and musk. It is also in these ingredients that Rem draws all its intensity. This gives it a little extra soul that leaves no one indifferent since its release, exactly 20 years ago.

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